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The common aspect of Distribution industry, from maintaining optimal stock levels, facilitating the quick movement of goods while delivering excellent customer service has becoming more important with how fast the market growth.


In the other hand, innovation and demands also evolve, with the growing importance of data-driven in the distribution industry. Capabilities such as real-time tracking distribution process, on time reporting and organized system with third-party logistics result in more effective business. 


You can get various solutions such as: 
-    Advanced Multi-Level Discount
-    Payment Voucher
-    Purchase Request Module
-    Payment Request
-    Advanced Giro Module
-    Advanced Collection Module 
-    Claim and Reimbursement Module

And also our Add-ons—especially your business that need to adapt within Indonesian regulation;
-    Indonesian Payroll Solution; get the payroll management such as calculate income tax (pph 21)
-    Indonesian Tax Solution; get the tax management such as integration with E-Faktur
-    Indonesian Customs Solution (Bea Cukai)

You can get it all with Dynamics 365 Business Central, change your multiple, disjointed system into one single integrated solution. Boost efficiency with system directed stock movements from warehouse management or preparing integrated shipping process with shipping agents. Ensure your whole supply chain management.


We are ready to help you bring the major change within your organization especially with our experience handling various distribution industries such as FMCG, fertilizer, and other fields.




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