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Not only is it the best system that businesses need, but the users also need to know and perform any function needed for each role. Also, sometimes the users get confused or forget, that they need to refresh their business application knowledge. 


That’s why you need a trusted partner to get every user in your business proper training about every function and module of your system. Not only learning, but every user has to practice the lesson learned, and our team will ensure you that every user understands and can do the action perfectly. Our team ready to give you the fully training program from consultation with management, scheduled training program for users, deep conversation and discussion, also complete documentation.


GITS Consulting also support the development of education so that it can adapt to the latest technology in the business world. Until now, GITS has collaborated with several leading universities in Indonesia to provide material on business application technology. Don’t hesitate to collaborate with us, Gold Certified Partner for better education.



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