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We initiate and support your ERP system integration through the whole process making sure equal importance is placed on each stage. We will plan and manage every stage with you, supporting you throughout:
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
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GITS Consulting provide innovative and customized services. Feel free to contact our sales office for more information on solutions tailored to your business needs.

Find Out more about Microsoft Dynamic and discover how the system can help your business.

Define the best integration plan for your specific requirements with our knowledgeable consultants.

Tailor you NAV system to fit the exact needs of your business with our highly skilled developers.Adaptable manufacturing solution to fulfil the ever changing needs and requirements of costumers.

Find out more about the benefits of upgrading to the latest version of Dynamics NAV.

Ensure you have access to help quickly to keep ypur business running smoothly at all times.

Make informed decisions and gain greater control with a detailed insight into overall project performance.

Increase custumers and sales using a complete set of tools to manage campaigns and pursue.

Provide accurate, up-to-date information to allow employees to make fast, informed decisions.
Provide your users with the skills and tools to make the most out of yout Dynamics NAV system.

Save time and take control of your human resources processes with a secure and easy to use.

Provide enhanced service across all areas of a hotel with one fully featured and simple to use system.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers powerful and comprehensive business management capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV increases visibility and improves insight at all levels of your business, making you confident that the right decisions are being made by the right people in your organization.

Comprehensive business management capabilities
Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers powerful and comprehensive business
management capabilities for:
• Financial management
• Manufacturing
• Business intelligence and reporting
• Supply chain management
• Sales and marketing
• Human resource management
• Project management
• Service management

Why choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Gain greater control
Microsoft Dynamics NAV increases visibility and improves insight at all levels of your business, making you confident that the right decisions are being made by the right people in your organization.
- Streamline your operations and financial management processes with an
intuitive RoleTailored user interface and built-in workflows.
- Get a clear view of your business with integrated systems, shared data,and drill
down capabilities that give you visibility into your transactions and provide detailed audit trails.
- Provide self-service reporting tools and real-time business intelligence that help  your people make fast, informed decisions and reduce ad-hoc requests to your IT department.

Increase margins
Make smarter decisions to improve your operating margins--and your cash flow. Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you maximize profitability by getting the most out of your people and systems.
- Cut operational costs and reduce errors by automating key business processes.
- Easily analyze financial data to spot trends and take action to improve cash flow.
- Identify and target your top customers to find new sales opportunities and build
- Focus on your most profitable products and customers.
- See how Microsoft Dynamics NAV is helping customers increase their margins.

Drive growth
Turn improved profitability into new opportunities with a solution that
helps drive and support your business growth.
- Expand your business opportunities with flexible accounting processes and multi-currency support.
- Choose the deployment option that works best for your business and increases the flexibility of your IT systems--without increasing IT costs.
- Grow your business knowing that your systems will scale to match your ambition.
- See how Microsoft Dynamics NAV is helping customers drive growth.

Gain Simplicity, Agility, and Value with Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Microsoft Dynamics NAV is designed to empower your people to be more productive and your systems to last longer, with the ability to scale to accommodate growth, all while delivering the insight you need to respond quickly in an ever-changing world of business.

Simple to Learn and Use
Simplicity is at the core of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is easy to learn and use because it works like and with other familiar Microsoft technologies, such as Microsoft Offi ce. And Microsoft Dynamics NAV works the way you work,so it’s easier for you and your employees to make better decisions and get
more done. Simplicity is built into every aspect of your experience—from initial purchase and deployment to ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

Delivers Agility in the Face of Rapid Change
Today’s business landscape is changing at an ever-increasing pace. To stay ahead, you need a business management solution that is designed to help you meet evolving demands.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers
The agility you need to adapt new business processes and extend functionality quickly, making it easier to enter new markets, add capabilities, or re-allocate existing investments. Inaddition, many Microsoft partners offer cloud-based hosting for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to give you fl exibility to expand or contract as business conditions change.

Drives Value for Your Business
Microsoft Dynamics NAV delivers value for your business in three important ways. First, you can increase your return on investment (ROI) as you boost productivity and create new ways to control expenses, helping to drive profi tability. Second, Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers interoperability with the other technologies you already use in your organization to help lower your total cost of ownership (TCO). Finally, you can achieve maximum benefi t from your technology investment through improved time to value, especially when you don’t want or need an extensive IT infrastructure.

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GITS Consulting is a Microsoft Certified Partner, specialising in enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation, support and development services for Microsoft Dynamics ® NAV (Navision).

To find out more detail about Enterprise Resource Planning, visit our “What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?” page for further information. .....more about us
Brochure: Microsoft Dynamic Nav Overview
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Brochure: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Product Capabiilties Guide
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Brochure: The Role Tailored UI
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